Phoebe, Bill Gates’ chic daughter, turned heads at Chanel’s ‘Lucky Chance’ pop-up in New York, donning Chanel attire worth thousands of dollars.

Via Instagram / @phoebegates

When Chanel opens a pop-up diner, the fashionistas get hungry. One such budding name from the fashion world, Phoebe Gates, daughter of billionaire Bill Gates and Melinda, visited the Chanel Lucky Chance diner in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The charming model was spotted head to toe in Chanel finery, from a vintage Chanel blazer to striking Chanel CC dangling earrings. The pastel cafe played the perfect backdrop for her popping red lips and dressy persona. With slick hair and a pretty smile, she posed at the diner’s elongated table flanked by rotating bar stools.

Via Instagram / @phoebegates

In addition to enjoying diner-inspired treats and snacks, Gates got a whiff of the perfume’s floral variations. The pop-up diner also featured interactive games, a Chance-inspired vending machine, and photo ops with a life-size Chance bottle. Being Phoebe Gates, she got a sneak peek earlier than ordinary folks. The retro-inspired experiential pop-up concept will be open to the public from September 8 to 10.

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Via Instagram / @phoebegates

Phoebe Gates, the rising fashionista
The sophomore at Stanford University has been interested in fashion for as long as she can remember. The 20-year-old spent the summer of 2022 not on a luxe island but interning at British Vogue, learning the ropes of the fashion world. From publishing, features, and fashion teams, the youngest daughter of Bill Gates learned it all.

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“It was super interesting, and it was where I was like, ‘OK, I want to do a bunch more stuff,'” she shared. In addition to the Chanel diner appearance, she has been a regular at fashion weeks in Copenhagen, New York, and Paris over the past year.

Via Instagram / @phoebegates
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