Chanel does it in style! The Maison is set to open a pop-up ‘Lucky Chance Diner’ in Brooklyn to celebrate its fragrance launch.

How often have you felt Chanel’s so good I want to eat it? Well, here’s your chance. The Parisian luxury fashion house is opening a diner in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, not for greasy grub but to celebrate the launch of the Chance Eau Fraîche perfume. It’s got every element of the quintessential Chanel outlet and comes adorned in pastel pinks and greens. The diner also fetes their recently opened first Chanel Fragrance and Beauty Boutique, located a stone’s throw away. The Lucky Chance Diner pop-up will house multiple iterations of the Olivier Polge-composed Chance Eau Fraîche.

Guests can indulge in more than just the perfume’s floral variations. There are interactive games, a Chance-inspired vending machine, photo ops with a life-size Chance bottle, and traditional diner-inspired treats and snacks. The retro-inspired experiential pop-up concept will be open to the public from September 8 to 10. “The Chance universe is very joyful, optimistic, and colorful,” Barbara Menarguez, General Manager of Fragrance and Beauty at Chanel, tells Forbes.

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Via Instagram / @chanelofficial

“The fragrance itself has a sophisticated lightness. We love to create experiences where our clients can learn about the world of Chanel fragrance while also having fun and being inspired. Williamsburg is a great place to bring special Chanel moments to life for a new community and generation of Chanel fragrance and beauty clients.” The experience is free of charge to partake; however, reservations are recommended that can be made on Chanel’s website.

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