Will you splurge $1 million on Pharrell Williams’s gorgeous crocodile leather Louis Vuitton Millionaire Speedy bag?

Some matches are destined in the celestial realms. In contrast, others are crafted right here on Earth, spotlighted by the pairing of Pharrell Williams and his astounding $1 million Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag. Dubbed Millionaire Speedy, the expensive accessory is crafted entirely from luxurious crocodile leather. It’s a creation that befits the stature of the men’s creative director of Louis Vuitton, as he opted to replace the typical coated canvas, favored by mere mortals, with the exquisite texture of crocodile leather, all elegantly lined with sumptuous lambskin.

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Fashion enthusiasts the world over are in hot pursuit of this unparalleled work of art and fashion. Yet, it’s worth noting that this ultra-pricey masterpiece will only grace the collections of Louis Vuitton’s most devoted clientele. The Millionaire Speedy bag is elevated even further with opulent gold hardware and adorned with diamond pendants, which undoubtedly justifies its staggering $1 million price tag. It comes in an array of five stunning colors: red, blue, green, yellow, or brown, and will be available for purchase starting January 4, exclusively on a made-to-order basis.

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In a time when many are embracing the trend of understated luxury, Pharrell Williams boldly flaunted his canary yellow masterpiece during Paris Fashion Week, championing the cause of loud luxury. As the successor to the late Virgil Abloh, Williams had declared that handbags would be a central focus of his tenure, and he has undoubtedly proven himself to be a man of his word.

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