Guerlain and Chaumet have come together to create the dazzling Bouquet de la Cour bottle, adorned with 336 diamonds and topped with a two-carat diamond as its crowning glory

Guerlain and the French luxury jewelry house Chaumet certainly know how to commemorate a 170th anniversary, and they have done so splendidly with the timeless Bee Bottle, resulting in the exquisite Bouquet de la Cour. This masterpiece required 270 painstaking hours, featured 336 dazzling diamonds, and boasts a majestic two-carat ‘Imperatrice’ Size cut diamond, resulting in the ultimate mind-blowing fusion of perfumery and jewelry, per eliteluxurynews. The bottle’s elegant curves are further enhanced with a meticulously chiseled gold honeycomb, symbolizing the unwavering dedication of both French icons.

Bouquet de la Cour is not just a fragrance; it’s a celebration of unparalleled French savoir-faire in both the realms of jewelry and perfumery. The collaboration between Guerlain and Chaumet is a harmonious symphony of excellence, where the rich histories and craftsmanship of each house seamlessly meld into a true work of art.

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This anniversary celebration has been ongoing since the beginning of 2023. In April, Guerlain marked this momentous occasion with the release of a limited-edition flacon by the renowned Glassmaker Aristide Najean, priced at $27,000.

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