Kim Kardashian, the gem of a businesswoman, shines bright with Skims x Swarovski! This collaboration is a match made in the glitter galaxy, delivering a stellar collection of body-contouring jewelry and crystal-encrusted shapewear.

With festivities around the corner, everything seems brilliant and bright, or is that just Skims? Kim Kardashian and her $5 billion shapewear brand, Skims, are on fire, and the flame is brighter than ever. It may also have something to do with a stellar collaboration with Swarovski. Women around the globe love the shapewear brand in its simplest avatar, but the bejeweled bodysuit raises the glam levels like no other collab ever has. The Swarovski x Skims collaboration features two-piece sets, bodysuits, and mesh stretch dresses embellished with their own unique Swarovski jewelry.

Some products are enhanced using body jewelry chains, while others have jewels sewn right onto the fabric itself. The pieces come in natural body-toned hues alongside classic black but are glamorized in an almost fairytale-like way. The best part of the collection includes dresses and sleek bodysuits with body jewelry, chokers, necklaces, and bracelets.

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‘It’s been a dream since I joined Swarovski to create a first-ever collaboration with SKIMS that furthers the art of self-expression,’ said Giovanna Engelbert, creative director at Swarovski, per Vogue. ‘Our collection is a celebration of the body and of strong, independent women who value their individuality and embrace life with confidence and style.’ Kim Kardashian stated, ‘For this collaboration, we really wanted to celebrate individual creativity and bring more glamour into getting dressed every day.’

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If there is anyone who can Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo underwear and make billions from it, it is ace businesswoman Kim Kardashian. The SKIMS x Swarovski collaboration will be released globally at Swarovski’s Fifth Avenue flagship store and online at SKIMS on November 7, as revealed on her Instagram.

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