Meet the TV host turned influencer who does not own a car but yet generously showered a million dollars from a helicopter to his fans

Via Facebook / @Kazma Kazmitch

We must commend influencers for continually coming up with attention-grabbing stunts. Their antics seem never-ending, and I’m certain their followers appreciate it, especially because of one Czech Republic influencer and TV host, Kamil Bartoshek. He made it rain with money, a refreshing twist on the phrase “it’s raining men.” This spectacle unfolded in the town of Lysa nad Labem on a Sunday.

Via Facebook / @Kazma Kazmitch

Kamil Bartoshek, a 38-year-old native of Kroméríz, also known as Kazma, tossed one million US dollars from a helicopter over a field that was initially intended for a single winner. This extravagant act was part of a promotion for his movie called “One Man Show,” where fans were supposed to decipher a code. When they failed to crack the code, the influencer turned it into a thrilling reality.

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Instead of having no winner, Bartoshek announced that the million dollars would be distributed among one hundred thousand people who had registered on his website. He sent them an email at six o’clock on Sunday morning, containing coded information about where the money would be dropped from the helicopter that day.

Dozens of enthusiastic participants flocked to the field, eagerly collecting as many one-dollar bills as they could into prepared plastic bags and backpacks, using both hands. Kazma shared the video of this extraordinary event on his official Instagram account, captioning it as, “The world’s first real MONEY RAIN! One million dollars dropped from a helicopter in the Czech Republic, and no one was injured or harmed.”

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Kamil’s stunning girlfriend Andrea. Via Instagram / @andrea.kalousova

Bartoshek is steadily approaching a million followers, currently boasting 924k followers on Instagram. A glance at his feed reveals his penchant for living life to the fullest through his “One Man Show Production.” From skiing in snow-covered mountains and admiring the Burj Khalifa in Dubai to openly professing his love for Czech model and beauty pageant titleholder Andrea Kalousova, there seems to be no limit to what this influencer’s heart desires.

Via Facebook / @Kazma Kazmitch

Although he admits to not owning a car, he revels in a lavish lifestyle, jet-setting across the globe. His distribution of one million dollars to his fans from a helicopter serves as undeniable proof of his extravagant generosity.

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