When fashion meets fantasy! Christian Louboutin has joined hands with Marvel for a mind blowing capsule collection to celebrate 100 years of Disney.

A momentous occasion like Disney’s 100-year anniversary deserves an equally impactful commemoration—the Marvel and Christian Louboutin capsule collection. These two icons have united under the Disney100 banner to launch a global lifestyle collection that spans shoes and accessories for women, men, and children, all dedicated to the Marvel Universe.

This memorable collection, sure to be celebrated for another century, also introduces an exclusive comic book featuring a superhero based on — and co-created by — Christian Louboutin himself.

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The collection’s three iconic pillars are the infinity stones, the scales of Namor, and Moon Knight’s signature black and silver suit. Marvel’s hottest films are immortalized with the infinity stones embedded on the toecap of heels and the heels of boots. The scales of Namor are reimagined on the straps of the footwear and hats.

Meanwhile, the miniseries Moon Knight inspires the color palette for several statement pieces. “I’ve always been fascinated by very visual stories, with lots of mysteries and action. As a child, I had a deep passion for Egyptian gods and pharaohs, but as a teenager, I found that expression through Marvel characters,” the designer shared.

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Christian added, “There is something about the Marvel mythology, its chronology and recurring characters going through epic adventures, dramas, and intrigues, all spiced up with superpowers, that really resonates with me!” The collection is now available in a selection of Christian Louboutin boutiques worldwide and on www.christianlouboutin.com.

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