Bugatti, the maker of $3 million+ hypercars, has partnered once again with legendary eyewear designer Larry Sands for a collection of $15,000 sunglasses

At the beginning of this year, French hypercar manufacturer Bugatti expanded its portfolio of lifestyle products by launching an exclusive collection of ultra-premium sunglasses in Milan. Called Collection One, the sunglasses were designed by legendary optical designer Larry Sands and crafted using the same materials and techniques employed in manufacturing Bugatti hypercars. Following the success of Collection One, Bugatti has teamed up with Sands yet again to introduce its second luxury eyewear collection. Given the title Collection Two, the extraordinary line-up of sunglasses recently made its debut at the ongoing SILMO show in Paris.

Featuring 16 meticulously curated sunglasses, the new eyewear seamlessly combines luxury, innovation, and the iconic Bugatti legacy. Inspired by jaw-dropping Bugatti hypercars, all the shades are carefully crafted using exotic materials like carbon fiber, 925 sterling silver, Macassar ebony with mother-of-pearl inlays, grade 5 titanium, 18K gold, and black palladium accents.

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Out of all the styles, the one that caught our attention features a squared-off design and a blacked-out look with gold accents. However, the most eye-catching design element is a miniaturized version of the iconic Bugatti horseshoe grill that’s located right above the nose bridge. It also includes the signature red macaron emblem right in the center, while the EB logo in gold can be found on the arms. Additionally, the sunglasses feature a flip-up design, hiding standard eyeglasses underneath the tinted one-piece lens.

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Talking about Collection Two, Larry Sands said: “For Bugatti Eyewear Collection Two, we have once again elevated the aesthetic of our pieces using rare high-quality materials, state-of-the-art processes and innovative design to deliver truly unique and timeless sunglasses that are unmatched in this space. This new collection is simply incomparable, capturing the vast rich essence of Bugatti automobiles. Each design of each piece serves as a testament to the brand’s commitment to pushing boundaries.” Collection Two’s prices have not been revealed as of yet; However, Collection One costs anywhere from $1,295 to $15,000 depending on the pair.

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