The Colim is neat

The Colim is an abbreviation for life colors in motion and is probably one of the most well-designed concept cars ever. A brainchild of German design student Christian Susana is definitely a sleek beauty. The Colin concept RV is a unique combination of a trailer and a towing vehicle. Probably not the first attempt at combining the two, it still charms its way into people’s hearts with its beauty. The little car upfront does the towing and can pull away for scooting around your destination. The back half is a cleanly designed, modern interpretation of RV living; it sleeps four, has a kitchenette, and a bathroom, along with fancy storage and seating. The best part is that it offers its user greater fuel efficiency as it has a detachable car instead of a towing one.

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Overall a beauty and probably the neatest design I have ever come across in a long time.

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