Complete with chains and feathers this is the world’s first handbag-inspired smartphone

Would you like to own a handbag that never changes but changes? Chinese-based Honor has unveiled a foldable smartphone that doubles as a purse. The HONOR V Purse concept takes a foldable smartphone and adds a few spoons of style, a few of sustainability (read: slow fashion), and oodles of new-age tech. The outcome is a statement-making, wearable purse that never looks repetitive, owing to endless possibilities for self-expression thanks to its always-on screen. Honor V Purse was unveiled at the technology show IFA 2023 in Berlin.

For ardent fashionistas, the idea may appear gimmicky and cannot replace the elation of holding a new Hermes or Chanel handbag. The sentiment cannot be replicated with a 9mm thick phone that only appears to be a bag. The device works by folding outwards, leaving the screen to always be on with a design of your choice. The top comes with a clip, a camera, and hooks for a range of accessories. This is where style steps into the picture with an array of interchangeable shoulder straps, a vegan leather option, chains, tassels, and feathers.

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The high-tech purse that can be opened and closed over 400,000 times aims to be the choice of environmentally conscious consumers trying to slow down fast fashion. George Zhao, CEO of Honor. “Not only that, but with our phone-to-purse concept brought to life through the Honor V Purse, we are exploring sustainable solutions that leverage emerging foldable technology to empower creativity and shape tomorrow’s lifestyle.”

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The Honor design team told Designboom, ‘Today’s discerning consumers are all looking for new ways to express themselves and reflect their individuality. Whether it’s a fresh haircut, a new outfit, or a statement piece of jewelry, there are many ways to stand out from the crowd. But until now, the devices that we have on display for much of the day have taken a backseat compared to other more stylish accessories. We believe this is a bold new concept that will pave the way for the future of fashion and technology,’

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