Go where no RV has gone before with the Action Mobil Global’s XRS 7200 all terrain home on wheels

Luxury RVs (Recreational Vehicles) are quite mundane these days and house all the amenities of home… and then some. But they can be quite cumbersome if you want to get to those places that require a more “robust” vehicle. And that’s where the team from Action Mobil Global and their RV for all roads, the XRS 7200, come in. It’s the perfect vehicle to take it all with you when you want to traverse the unknown and hard to reach locales on your travels.

Decked out with all the amenities you’d expect of an RV including a chef’s style kitchen (if required), multiple berths for sleeping, or a hardwood bedroom if it’s just for you and the missus, a fully operational bath room and toilet, espresso machines, refrigerator, roof extensions, LED lighting, motor cycle lifts and more, all of which fits into this large, oversized vehicle that looks ready for anything. Like most RV’s the XRS 7200 is designed to efficiently utilize space by using tuck and fold or pull out systems that enable tables and extensions to be used as beds etc. Even the bathroom actually houses a soft-closing bidet toilet, sink and shower. And let’s not leave out the large screen HDTV, Apple TV, Bose audio system, a multi-TB hard drive for media storage, satellite internet connection and wireless local area network.

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Although the price hasn’t been officially listed, probably because the vehicles can be customized and it would vary considerably, one listing did range the XRS 7200 to be somewhere around US$1.1 million (€850,000). As the good old Doc said, ‘Roads, where we’re going we don’t need roads’ and although the XRS 7200 may not able to invert it’s six wheels and fly, rest assured this mega-RV can go where no RV has gone before!

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