40 feet long, standing two story tall, 10 beds, a full kitchen and more – At $1.3 million this is literally the mother of all RVs (it does off-roading too)

Up until 2019 living life in a suitcase was the dream. This notion has been overtaken by living life on wheels. Giving vacations, the jet-setting lifestyle a run for its money is this incredible two-story, million-dollar brute built by SLRV Expedition Vehicle that comes complete with ten beds & four TVs. an ideal pick for those with big families, big hearts and big pockets too, this 40ft long ‘Commander’ model is an impressive motorhome that can fit 10 passengers while sending 480 horsepower and 1,646 pound-feet of torque through a heavy-duty 12-speed transmission. Topping at $2 million the SLRV Commander 8×8 is capable of traveling for days without filling up on water or fuel thanks to 264-gallon capacities for both. Externally, the rig features a washing machine, grill, sink, winch, roof rack, skylights, and multiple water tanks. Internally it is very tastefully designed, with several appliances neatly tucked away with a 48-volt solar panel system on the roof, as well as a Cummins diesel generator to supply additional power. Let’s take a look inside this marvelous monstrosity and unravel its many layers on both levels-

This apocalypse-proof ‘Commander Model’ comes with two levels and is suitable for all terrains with full family in tow and room to spare!

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This two-story monster sports a powered two-story roof, has a total of six twin beds with storage underneath each for gear, as well as two retractable TV monitors.

The open plan kitchen features an electric induction range with a full-size sink and a 475l freezer.

The SLRV commander comes with its own lounge area to sit back and relax on the sleek leather sofas next to the open plan kitchen.

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The lounge area also doubles up as the dining area to enjoy meals with conversations near the kitchen or with some mealtime entertainment on the TV if alone.

Externally the rig features a washing machine, grill, sink, winch, roof rack, skylights, and multiple water tanks.

Natural lights, well-placed windows, and luxe wood finishes on the walls lend the vehicle a refined look.

Buyers can choose from a range of bathroom layouts, all of which include a mirrored vanity, shower, and toilet.

[Via: The Sun]

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